"A liquid, pen-style marker for colouring and styling the brows to a well-defined, natural-looking finish. Easy to control. Tapered tip provides precision and helps create the feathery strokes needed to fill in and perfect the brows. Flow-through, quick-drying formula means no smudges. Long-wearing."  - maccosmetics.com
I was really intrigued when I first saw this product.  Before discovering the brow marker, I only used pencil (some with a waxy consistencicy) or powder.  The main concern with this product was the "universal" color.  How could one color work for everyone?  I was also concerned about the actual marker!  Will it look like the infamous "sharpie" brows?

To my surprise, the "universal" color worked fine.  At first it looked a bit light and on the redish side, but it looked fine after it dryed down.  With the precision tip, I was able to make feathery natural strokes (no sharpie brows here!).  I really love using this brow marker!  I think it looks really natual and it's easy to use.  I can define my brows without the edges looking too harsh (sometimes it looks really harsh when using a pencil).

I will try to film a short demo on how I like to use this product soon.  I know I saw at least one other brand that made brow markers.  Let me know if you have tried one (from MAC or any other brand) and your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!
<3 kat

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  1. This sounds really useful. I haven't tried any yet but for sure I will be keeping an eye out for something like this. I have dark brows and I don't feel too comfortable about filling them, I feel like they draw too much attention. Thanks for sharing =)


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