I got this bar about 5 months ago durning the holidays. I was soooo skeptical at first, but loved it after trying it once. I used up the whole bar in about 5 months [side note: I try to wash my hair every other day] and the cost is only $10.95. I would say that is rather inexpensive compared to some shampoos I have purchased in the past.  Also, these are soooooo travel friendly.  When I fly, I never check-in my bag.  So I love how this is a solid shampoo!  It won't spill in my bag and I have more room for makeup/beauty stuff in my "liquids" baggie.  =]

[How to use]  
Just run the shampoo bar across your damp hair.  The LUSH website says about 3 passes, but I usually run it across my hair about 6 times.  I guess it's because I have longer hair?  Or maybe I just want a really good lather.  By the way, this little bar creates such a good lather...surprisingly!  =]

[Features - as stated on the LUSH website]
No more knots - Fantastic at detangling wavy, curly hair.
Lavendin - Contains lavendin that is soothing, calming, and works to calm the emotions.
Flake bar - Essential oils keep dandruff at bay.

[My hair type]
I have super oily hair with dry scalp...how annoying [and opposite] does that sound?!?!?!  

[Would I repurchase?]
YES!  I currently picked up 2 other solid shampoos from LUSH to test, but this one is definitely a keeper.

Let me know if you tried any solid shampoo bars from LUSH...and your thoughts.  =]

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