[UD lash curler] my personal fave for hard to curl lashes

So for the longest time, I couldn't find a lash curler that would work for me!  Urban Decay came out with this "new" style of lash curler a while ago.  I had to pick it up because of all the hype.  The difference with this lash curler is that it doesn't have the "cage" on the sides of the curler.  I thought this would be helpful for my kit, so I picked it up.

To be honest, I didn't really like it when I tried to use it on other people.  I found the opening too narrow (it wouldn't open up as much as I would like).  My fave lash curler for my kit is by Kevin Aucoin [I will post a review on it later].

[my lashes]
I have suckie lashes!  They are stick straight [except for the lashes on the outer corner of my right eye - they bend inward and it's SUPER annoying!] and will not curl...or so I thought.  In makeup school, I told the instructor the same thing.  She didn't believe me and had me sit for a demo.  After she tried to curl my lashes, she finally believed me when I said they don't curl.

[what i used before i found this lash curler]
Since a traditional lash curler didn't work, I moved onto heated lash curlers.  I found two that I really like; One made by Yaby and another by Blinc [both purchased at IMATS].  They were great, but it took too long as times.

[why i love the UD lash curler]
It actually curls my lashes in seconds!  I don't know why this one does the trick, but it does!  

Let me know if you tried this lash curler and your thoughts!  =]

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