OCC Lip Tar: Review + Swatches

 I <3 these so much that I plan on getting more next week!  =]
I think I will pick up clear, black, white, hush, pageant, and petty beige.

Lip Tars and my Zuca case were my favorite buys at IMATS.  The video goes through the seven colors I picked up.  

Keep reading for pictures!


MAC in the groove

So for this collection, I only picked up a few things.  Nothing really made me excited except for the lipsticks (which are all cremesheen finishes).  I am not a big fan of MSFs, but everyone and their mom wants Stereo Rose MSF, so I'm on the wait list for one at my local PRO store.  I guess I really just want to see what all this hype is about.  I currently own 3 MSFs (shimpange, gold deposit, + pink porcelain) and I barely use them.  I think I have used pink porcelain the most out of the three.  Let's see if I can get my hands on a Stereo Rose  =]

This is what I picked up:

MAC alice + olivia

So I originally didn't want to pick up anything from this collection, but then I saw Temptalia's post of the pigments from this collection and I gave in.  I swear I have no self control when it comes to pigments.  =*(

I picked up the following from this collection:


BLUSHING ARTISAN MAKEUP PRO SHOP: showcase preview + coupon code

Purchase these items at http://blushingartisanmakeup.com

Hey hey hey,

Here's a quick showcase video on the items that are currently up for sale in the PRO SHOP.  You can also find a coupon code at the end of the video.


<3 kat

SNEAK PEEK: makeup organization/storage items!

this video can be found my "BlushinArtisanMakeup" youtube page.  
this channel is dedicated to product demos from the Makeup Artist's PRO SHOP on http://blushingartisanmakeup.com.

Hey everyone,

I made a teaser video of the makeup organization items from my MUA PRO SHOP.  I tried my best to find items that would work for makeup storage.  This is an ongoing inventory check.  Each item featured in the video will have between 5-12 pieces of each item.  The items that sell out will get reordered.  There is no guarantee that the items in this video will be part of the PRO SHOP in the future.
Any comments about the items would be greatly appreciated!  Let me know what you think.  Let me know if you would even consider buying some of these.  I found a bunch of items that I will probably use for my own makeup room

I also made another channel a while back named "BlushinArtisanMakeup" on youtube.  The video above is the first video, but I will have more coming.  Each item in the PRO SHOP will eventually have a short video for a product demo.  My goal is to feature the items in the store and show different uses for each item and maybe throw in some makeup artist's tips on how I use everything.  There will also be some videos that contain COUPON/DISCOUNT CODES for the PRO SHOP!  So if you think you might shop, I would say subscribe to get your discount codes and be the first to know about sales and monthly specials!

Thank you for reading!!!

<3 kat



So I had sooooooo much fun at IMATS.  There are definately some things I will have to change for next year.

  1. go BOTH days - Saturday for shopping and Sunday for classes
  2. leave the boyfriend at home (maybe...lol)
I was only able to attend on Saturday because the boyfriend came with me and he had work Sunday night.  We drove down Friday morning with some friends and stayed at the Sheraton (connected to the convention center).  Once we got into Pasadena, everyone took a nap but me.  I think I was too excited to sleep.  After we woke up, 3 of us went to pick up food from Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles.  NOM NOM NOM...

Nothing else after dinner.  We had to go to bed!  My plan was to get there right when regestration opened (8:00 am) and that was a fail.  Luckily we stayed at the Sheraton so I wasn't as nervous because we didn't have to drive.  We ended up leaving the room at 8:45ish am.  The boys were still sleeping while Jenny and I went to IMATS.

When we first got there, the line was NUTS!  We tried to walk in with just the ticket (even though I knew we needed wrist bands) but they stopped us...lol.  We then asked somewhere if we still had to wait in the huge line if we had our tickets shipped (I WAS HOLDING THEM IN MY HAND!), the worker said yes.  So Jenny and I got to the back of the line...which was a journey (people said it was a 2 hour line!).  Luckily another worker was going down the line screaming "tickets!"  Then we followed him to two girls by the front of the line and they were trading the tickets for wristbands!  SCORE!  IT IS A MUST TO PAY THE EXTRA $10 TO GET THE TICKETS SHIPPED TO YOU.  That 2 hours + line was for picking up will call tickets!  Crazy...

Here's some footage from my vlog channel (blushingvlogs):

Gosh, I spent a lot of money this weekend.  Although I must say I spendt less than I expected (so I guess thats good?).  My 2 favorite purchases this weekend would be all 7 of my OCC liptars and my ZUCA Pro Artist Case!  I like the lip tars enough to buy even more!  And I bought extra inserts for my ZUCA.  Now I can use it as a carry-on for short weekend trips with the standard packing pouches (mesh pouches for clothes).


First Look:  ZUCA bag!

Thanks for reading!
<3 kat

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