Kat's Extra Makeup Blog Sale is up and ready!

So I was able to successfully create an eCrater store along with the new blog (www.katsextras.blogspot.com).  I was able to post 2 items in the blog sale (or eCrater store).  Head over there and check it out.  I listed 2 discontinued MAC pigments (3 jars of each).  

<3 kat

Kat's Extras

So, as you all can see from my collection video, I have too much makeup!  I never thought that I would ever say that but it's true.  I have a problem...or addiction rather?  So I have been trying to downsize my pigment collection for a while now and it doesn't seem to be going away.  I also have so many dupes of a color or product and its driving me mad.  

My solution for this?  I am going to start a separate blog for blog sales.  I think I will actually post the items on eCrater.com but use the new blog for mostly info and pics.  I just created it a few minutes ago so I don't know when it will be ready but I will keep you guys updated.  I just figured this would be easier since I get so many msgs on YT about my pigments.

The new blog is called "Kat's Extras."  

<3 kat


Contest Winners! 02.14.2010

Hey all,

I posted the video for the contest winners!  I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I've been really busy this week.  I started a new job, Chinese New Year is today, and I have a Valentine's Day dinner tonight (triple date).  I'm not a big Valentine's day person (lucky for the bf lol) but our friend invited us for dinner so we decided to go.  We are having yummy Brazilian Barbecue. If you haven't tried it, you are missing out.  

I am going to try to film something today, but I really need to get the online store set up too.  So we'll see!
Congrats to my 3 winners!  Please send me your info ASAP  =)
I would like to get the prizes shipped out by  Feb 23 or so.

<3 kat


MUA Stuff - Skin Matching Exercise for Foundation

This was a simple skin matching exercise I did while attending Westmore.  We had to do this exercise while studying color theory.  Items needed for the exercise are pretty inexpensive and easy to find; I bought the paints for $1.60 each at Micheal's.

You will need:
6 Acrylic Paints
     - White
     - Burnt Sienna
     - Brunt Umber
     - Blue
     - Red
Cotton Swabs / toothpick (for mixing)
Wax / Parchment paper

Base color
First, choose 3 patches / areas of your skin that are different tones.  Your goal is to use the 6 paints to match your skin color.  The first 3 colors on the list are your base colors used for skin tones.  For light - medium tones, mix white with a little burnt sienna as your base.  For deeper complexions, mix white with a little burnt umber.  

Now figure out your undertone and mix the corresponding color to your base color.  I have a warm (yellow/golden) undertone, so I added a bit of yellow.  When first starting out, this process may be hard but you keep adjusting the colors until you match your skin tone.  

Checking in the Mirror
To check your color matching, I was taught to stand in front of a mirror and see if you can see the swatch of paint in the reflection.  If you can't, then you have a pretty good skin match.

I hope this was helpful...or at least interesting.  
<3 kat

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