yellow and grey eyes + show orchid lips tutorial

So this is my first tut on youtube.  OMG it was a pain to edit and render.  I tried to have it in HD but after waiting 7 hours, it was a no go.  I hope you like anyways.

And sorry for the pics!  They didn't come out the way I wanted because I forgot to take them before I went out.  So that's what the makeup looked like after 6-7 hours of wear.

I just realized that editing is such a pain!  And it's mostly because I TALK TOO MUCH.  I forgot that I had to edit it down to just 10 minutes for youtube.  So I will add in some things on here that I had to cut out of the video.

I used my eve pearl cream foundation as my concealer.  This was a look that I wore out and I personally do not like to wear a lot of makeup.  So my everyday foundation are the two jane ireadale pressed powders.  I usually don't use concealer at all unless I have really bad break outs.  With the darker powder(golden glow), I can use that to cover up blemishes and the redness around my nose.  I just use a dense synthetic concealer brush for application.  It's not perfect but I find it okay for everyday wear.  I would not say this method is good enough for special events or photo shoots.  Also, I didn't use any under eye concealer.  If I would use some, my choice would be eve pearl's salmon concealer.

I had to cut out the highlighting and contouring portion of the video.  I will make another video for just highlighting and contouring.  Products used are listed below.

I had to cut out the eyebrow portion and will make a separate video for that in the future.  Products used are listed below.

Products Used:


my favorite hair products

remember to click the link at the end of the video.  it put a smile on my face  =)

Hey everyone,

I decided to make a short video on my favorite hair products.  My hair is really fine and lays flat.  I have naturally jet black hair (and now with purple peak-a-boo highlights).  I never really style my hair; it's always down and straight.

Since my hair is so flat, I try to look for products that have volume.  So as of now, I recently started using new products for my hair and I'm loving them.  In the past, I never wanted volume because some volumizing products I've used before left my hair feeling gross and left residue in my hair.  Now, I use the Matrix volumizing moose with Redkin thickening spray.  I use both on towel dryed hair.  The end result is soft thicker looking hair without leaving residue.  I was really impressed with this combo.  I use it everyday now and I will look into other brands for thickening spray (please leave me a comment if you can reccomend one that you love).

Also, since I've been dying my hair purple, I have been trying to conserve the color for as long as I can.  I wash my hair every other day and that helps out A LOT!  It's actually better for your hair because if you wash your hair everyday, it will strip your hair of the natural oils.  The only problem is that my hair gets super oily after one day.  My solution is using dry shampoo on those off days.  I am using 2 different brands right now.  I use TIGI's Rockoholic Dirty Secret for workdays or days where I will be out the whole day.  I also use Treseme's dry shampoo (bought it at Walmart) on days when my hair is less oily or if I'll just be out for a few hours. 

The price difference between the two are pretty big.  The TIGI costs around $18-20 and the Treseme costs around $5.  In size, they are almost the same size (the TIGI has about one ounce more product - watch the video for the exact product amounts).  The TIGI dry shampoo feels more powdery than the Treseme.  This may seem like a bad thing, but since my hair gets so oily, I need that powder to absorb the oils.  That is why I use that one for all day wear.  The Treseme dry shampoo feels for like a hairspray.  I don't really get that powdery feel and that's probably why it doesn't last that long for me.  They do have the smaller bottles at Walmart, so I will be carrying one in my purse (just in case I need to touch up).  I really hate the look of oily hair.

As for the other products mentioned in the video, I love them all.  The four products mentioned above would be my absolute favorites.  Please leave me a comment of your favorite hair products.  I don't do much with my hair, but would like to start.  I just need to get better products.  I gave up on curling my hair because ever since middle school my hair would not hold a curl (no matter how much hair spray I used or how long I left my hair in the curling iron). 

Thanks for reading!
<3 kat

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