Pigment Preview for Kat's Extras

So as I mentioned before, I need to get rid of my extras.  I know someone will give them a good home.  Here is a preview list of what to look out for on my blog sale.  I will be slowly posting everything on this list at www.katsextras.blogspot.com 

A LOT of these are discontinued (bold)  and all have the old packaging (more product than if you bought them at MAC now).

On with the list...

(1)  Aire De-Blue
(4)  Azreal Blue
(4)  Blue
(1)  Steel Blue
(1)  Chartreuse
(5)  Golder's Green
(1)  Green 
(1)  Kelly Green
(1)  Night Light
(1)  Pastorale
(3)  Turquoise
(1)  All Girl
(1)  Accent Red
(1)  Cool Pink
(1)  Lovely Lily
(2)  Ruby Red
(1)  Entremauve
(1)  Coco
(1)  Coco Beach
(2)  Coppercast
(2)  Coppersparkle
(3)  Dark Soul
(1)  Deckchair
(2)  Deep Brown
(2)  Goldenaire
(1)  Green Brown
(1)  Old Gold
(2)  Shimmertime
(2)  Sunnydaze
(3)  Subtle
(2)  Fairylite
(1)  Frost
(1)  Frozen White
(1)  Lily White
(1)  Provence
(1)  White
(1)  White Gold

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions  =)

<3 kat


  1. is there anyway possible of taking pictures of these pigments? ^^

  2. I am slowly working on taking pics...it's gonna take a while, but it will be done =)

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