MAC pigment swatches (BLUES)

So I tried really hard to make a video but the lighting was so terrible it didn't show up right on my camera.  I picked out the pics that represented the colors the best.  I really need to take a photography class or something because my camera skills are horrible so I apoligize in advance for the blurry photos.

Each photo has 2 pigment colors with 2 swatches each.  Left is dry, while the right is swatched with MAC mixing medium.

Here we go,

L-R:  Mutiny(limited edition), Azreal Blue (limited edition)

L-R:  Blue (limited edition), Clear Sky Blue (PRO matte-discontinued)

L-R:  Cornflower, Light Blue (PRO-discontinued)

L-R:  Blue Storm (limited edition-discontinued), Naval Blue
I think they got rid of Blue Storm because Naval Blue looks almost exactly the same.

L-R:  Steel Blue, Deep Blue Green

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