Happy New Year!

Hi there,

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years.  I never really go out for NYE (I'm quite the old lady...LOL) but I got to spend it with the BF so I was happy.  I had the pleasure of cleaning up this week since I'm on vacation and found something packed away in a random closet!

Can you believe this?????  There are items in this stash that I needed for my kit and have already purchased (grr...).  I may keep some of the items since a few are limited editions.  But guess what?  I think I will hold giveaways or contests.  I have a bunch of new stuff that I have been meaning to get rid of.  So my blonde moment will pay off for some lucky subscribers.  I will post a YT video soon about this.

I just ordered a cam so I can start posting more videos (and in better quality).  I think I got the lighting perfect in my restroom which I am happy about.  Good lighting makes such a difference.  I am having a hard time with Windows Movie Maker crashing on my all the time (very frustrating).  Can anyone suggest something I could use to edit my YT videos?  Any help would be great  =)

Thanks for reading & look out for giveaways/contests!
<3 kat

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