MUA Stuff - Skin Matching Exercise for Foundation

This was a simple skin matching exercise I did while attending Westmore.  We had to do this exercise while studying color theory.  Items needed for the exercise are pretty inexpensive and easy to find; I bought the paints for $1.60 each at Micheal's.

You will need:
6 Acrylic Paints
     - White
     - Burnt Sienna
     - Brunt Umber
     - Blue
     - Red
Cotton Swabs / toothpick (for mixing)
Wax / Parchment paper

Base color
First, choose 3 patches / areas of your skin that are different tones.  Your goal is to use the 6 paints to match your skin color.  The first 3 colors on the list are your base colors used for skin tones.  For light - medium tones, mix white with a little burnt sienna as your base.  For deeper complexions, mix white with a little burnt umber.  

Now figure out your undertone and mix the corresponding color to your base color.  I have a warm (yellow/golden) undertone, so I added a bit of yellow.  When first starting out, this process may be hard but you keep adjusting the colors until you match your skin tone.  

Checking in the Mirror
To check your color matching, I was taught to stand in front of a mirror and see if you can see the swatch of paint in the reflection.  If you can't, then you have a pretty good skin match.

I hope this was helpful...or at least interesting.  
<3 kat

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