Benefit Stay Don't Stray Review

Benefit Cosmetics stay don't stray

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Review

I tried this product a few times and I think I have a set opinion on this product.  The first time I used this product, I didn't think it was too bad.  I did notice that the pump would pump out too much product and I had to adjust the pressure used on the pump.   It did seem a bit thick and very opaque.  This product seems like it would work well if you had any discoloration on your lids.  When I first used this primer, I only had makeup on for half a day before removing my makeup and since the color was very neutral, I didn't check to see if it creased or I didn't notice any creasing.

The next time I used this primer, I didn't seem to like it as much.  I used a tiny bit, but it still seemed to be very thick and opaque.  It made the area around my eyes look very pale and pasty.  I usually don't wear foundation, so it was a problem.  I was only playing around with makeup this time, so I didn't get to test it for creasing.

Now I just used this again the other day for work and it was horrible.  Luckily I just wore neutral colors on my lids because when I checked at home, my shadow creased!  And it was bad.  I should have known since this primer is creamier.  After the other problems, along with creasing, I will have to pass on this product.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • I have very oily skin
  • I have extremely oily lids
  • I have issues with any type of makeup staying on my eyes (especially liner)

I would say to try out this product if you have dry skin and have a light complexion.  It might not crease if you have dry skin.

Has anyone else tried this product?  Please tell me what you think of it in the comments if you have.

Thanks for reading!
< kat

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