So I tried Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment about a year ago.  My sister bought this product and I tried hers one day and fell in love.  Before using this, I swore by Burt's Bees Wax.  I still like Burt's, but I have moved onto something better. 

I think Sugar moisturizes my lips really well.  It leaves it soft and helps my chap lips.  The one I picked up also has SPF15 which makes this a good everyday use lip product.  The only con about this product is that it feels a bit "greasy."  I over looked that at first because of the amazing results on my lips. 

Whenever I apply makeup, I start with prepping the lips first.  By the time the rest of my makeup is done, my lips are primed and the chap lips are gone.  With Sugar, I would take a tissue to blot the access.  Since its a bit greasy, forgetting this step would make my lip products slide off my lips (depending on what products I use) and it wouldn't last as long.

But a few months ago, I found my holy grail lip treatment product.  I found Korres Lip Butter.  I heard about it through youtube a while back, but never tried it.  After constantly hearing about it, I finally picked up this Lip Saver Roll (to the left). 

To my surprise, I liked it better than Fresh's Sugar.  It doesn't feel as greasy.  I still blot my lips before applying my lipstick/gloss, but it isn't as bad (greasy) as Sugar.  It feels like the product absorbs into my lips like butter!  It takes care of the chap lips and lasts a long time (I usually wear only-no other makeup products- lip butter during the week).  With Sugar, I would have to reapply very frequently.  With Korres Lip Butter, I rarely need to apply more.  It doesn't wear off that quickly. 

The only con would be that its in a jar.  I carry a retractable lip brush with my lip butter at all times, but its still not as convenient as Sugar's tube form.  But if you don't mind this packaging, I would definitely try out Korres Lip Butter.  I use it in my kit now for prepping lips and I love it.  I don't think I will change this anytime soon (unless you think there's something better out there - then please tell me in the comments).

Thanks for reading!
<3 kat


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