SNEAK PEEK: makeup organization/storage items!

this video can be found my "BlushinArtisanMakeup" youtube page.  
this channel is dedicated to product demos from the Makeup Artist's PRO SHOP on http://blushingartisanmakeup.com.

Hey everyone,

I made a teaser video of the makeup organization items from my MUA PRO SHOP.  I tried my best to find items that would work for makeup storage.  This is an ongoing inventory check.  Each item featured in the video will have between 5-12 pieces of each item.  The items that sell out will get reordered.  There is no guarantee that the items in this video will be part of the PRO SHOP in the future.
Any comments about the items would be greatly appreciated!  Let me know what you think.  Let me know if you would even consider buying some of these.  I found a bunch of items that I will probably use for my own makeup room

I also made another channel a while back named "BlushinArtisanMakeup" on youtube.  The video above is the first video, but I will have more coming.  Each item in the PRO SHOP will eventually have a short video for a product demo.  My goal is to feature the items in the store and show different uses for each item and maybe throw in some makeup artist's tips on how I use everything.  There will also be some videos that contain COUPON/DISCOUNT CODES for the PRO SHOP!  So if you think you might shop, I would say subscribe to get your discount codes and be the first to know about sales and monthly specials!

Thank you for reading!!!

<3 kat

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