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So for this collection, I only picked up a few things.  Nothing really made me excited except for the lipsticks (which are all cremesheen finishes).  I am not a big fan of MSFs, but everyone and their mom wants Stereo Rose MSF, so I'm on the wait list for one at my local PRO store.  I guess I really just want to see what all this hype is about.  I currently own 3 MSFs (shimpange, gold deposit, + pink porcelain) and I barely use them.  I think I have used pink porcelain the most out of the three.  Let's see if I can get my hands on a Stereo Rose  =]

This is what I picked up:

  • Creme d'Nude lipstick - pale muted peach beige (cremesheen) PERM
  • Call My Bluff lipstick - midtone creamy coffee (cremesheen) LE
  • All Styled Up lipstick - bright yellow pink (cremesheen) LE
  • I Like It Like That lipstick - deep blue pink (cremesheen) LE
  • Jazzed lipstick - bright coral pink (cremesheen) QUESTION:  does anyone know if this is LE?  I could have sworn it was, but when I looked at MACPRO.com today, it's not marked as LE.
  • Go For It lipstick - midtone blue purple (cremesheen) LE
  • Togetherness mineralize eye shadow trio - satin lavender / pearly purple / satin grey.  The texture on these are so much better than the one I purchased before.  These are actually smooth.  I still wish they were a bit more pigmented.
So we will see if I can get Stereo Rose.  I was #16 on the wait list and that was the day before the collection hit stores.

Photos & swatches coming soon...

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  1. So far as I know, Jazzed is LE. But, occasionally, when a product sells EXTREMELY well, M.A.C. will make it permanent.


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